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Chinese Church in Christ, Tri Valley (CCIC-TV)
Established in 2009, CCIC-TV is a non-denominational Christian church with about 320 in attendance, including a youth ministry (7th to 12th graders) of about 60+ regular members. Our congregation primarily consists of immigrants from China and their United States-born children. The adult ministry is conducted in Mandarin Chinese, and the Children (up to 6th grade) and Youth ministries are exclusively English speaking. Our mission is to share our faith with local Chinese families and build them up with the word of God, and to confer to our young generation the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Primary Function:

The youth pastor will have a strong passion to lead the 7th to 12th grade youth ministry. Working in cooperation with Church elders, parents and a supporting team of many adult co-workers, the youth pastor will provide spiritual and administrative leadership to stimulate growth and development of the youth in a way that glorifies God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Roles include, but are not limited to, the development and implementation of a comprehensive and balanced English youth ministry program in the areas of bible education, spiritual growth, fellowship, worship, discipleship, mission and outreach.




Preaching, teaching, program and personal development:

  1. Assist youth in developing a personal relationship with Jesus, leading to experiential knowledge of God.
  2. Provide spiritual leadership, mentorship and nourishment to the youth so that they can learn to live out the Christian faith.
  3. Plan, coordinate or direct Sunday worship, Sunday School curriculum, Friday night small group fellowship and recreational programs, and other special youth activities.
  4. Share in the preaching of Sunday sermons and teaching of Sunday school classes.
  5. Help lead Friday night youth small group meetings.
  6. Participate in or lead youth Co-worker team meetings.
  7. Research, introduce and develop programs to broaden and strengthen youth programs.
  8. Lead, recruit and train volunteers (high school seniors, college students and adults) to participate in, and strengthen the youth ministry.
  9. Coordinate and lead youth in evangelical outreach programs such as the annual short-term missions trip and the yearly youth retreat.
  10. Fellowship and praying together with church elders and other Christian members for personal spiritual growth and development.
  11. Continue to grow and develop with a teachable spirit through attending conferences, seminars, classes, and through personal devotional study.

Pastoral care:

  1. Serve as a counseling resource to students and/or their parents on issues relating to salvation, spiritual life, social and family relationships including challenges with cross-cultural or generational gaps.
  2. Identify and determine appropriate assistance to students undergoing struggles in school or other aspects of their lives.
  3. Maintain contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities and ministry strategies. Encourage parent partnership and involvement in their student’s spiritual growth.
  4. Provide pastoral visitations and counseling.


  1. Work with Church leadership to plan and manage operational budgets for youth ministry.
  2. Hiring and mentorship/supervision of any youth ministry interns or volunteers.
  3. Attends and contributes to Church board meetings on church-related matters when required.
  4. Participates in all church activities where appropriate, such as prayer meetings, retreat, short term mission trips, baptism ceremonies, special events such as fundraising, “operation shoebox”, evangelistic special meetings, church picnic, Easter and Christmas special programs, etc.

Experience, Skills and Qualifications:

  1. Leads a disciplined life of daily fellowship with God and Bible study.
  2. Embrace and practice faith in line with CCIC-TV’s doctrine, vision, values, and beliefs.
  3. Has a love for God, a calling and a genuine heart for shepherding the youth and their families.
  4. Shares faith passionately with unbelievers.
  5. Passionate about facilitating spiritual growth in students.
  6. Evidences biblical character in personal life, family relationships, and ministry.
  7. Desires to grow both spiritually and professionally.
  8. Evidence of spiritual maturity and high moral and ethical conduct.
  9. Strong communication and management skills and excellent teamwork mentality.
  10. Good organizational and teaching skills are required, and good administration and computer/technology skills are preferred.
  11. Able to teach the Youth and the church with the exposition of God’s word, to facilitate the study of Scripture, to answer questions from non-believers, to disciple new believers, and to work alongside and encourage more mature believers to shepherd the Youth.
  12. A graduate degree or the active pursuit of one from an accredited Christian seminary or school in the areas of theology, biblical studies, ministry, or equivalent, is required.
  13. A minimum of 2 years’ experience as a youth pastor or leader in a church with a medium to large sized youth group is required.
  14. Requires a team player who can function comfortably in a multi-lingual/-cultural church environment.
  15. Knowledge of Chinese language, or experience with Asian-American culture, though not a requirement, is preferred.

This full-time position provides an employee benefits package which includes health insurance benefits.
Salary will commensurate with training and experience. Interested candidates may apply via email. Please send your resume and personal faith statement to: Elder Miles Wu (