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Chinese Church in Christ, Tri Valley (CCIC-TV)
Established in 2009, CCIC-TV is a non-denominational Christian church with about 320 in attendance, including a youth ministry (7th to 12th graders) of about 60+ regular members. Our congregation primarily consists of immigrants from China and their United States-born children. The adult ministry is conducted in Mandarin Chinese, and the Children (up to 6th grade) and Youth ministries are exclusively English speaking. Our mission is to share our faith with local Chinese families and build them up with the word of God, and to confer to our young generation the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.


Primary Function:

The Youth Ministry Intern assists in the planning, implementation, and administration of all facets of the youth ministry. The intern’s main objective is to assist in leading, counselling and encouraging the youth group in their spiritual growth through the study of scripture, prayer, worship and fellowship. Working under the mentorship and supervision of Church leaders (Pastor, elders, staff members), and a passionate team of youth ministry adult co-workers, the intern will play a key role in serving the youth while learning vital skills and gaining valuable youth ministry experience in program development, activity coordination and planning, parent communication and relationship management, youth mentorship and discipleship, bible teaching, and leading of small group fellowships. The intern will provide valuable insight into issues, topics and trends that concern 7th to 12th grade students, and he/she will help introduce creative and receptive new programs to the youth ministry leadership team.


Job responsibilities and expectations


For illustration purposes, an example typical week is as follows:



Our youth music worship team meets on Fridays evenings starting at 7 - 7:30 pm, and Sunday mornings starting at 9 -9:30 am for practice and preparation. It is a self-led group of 10th to 12th grade students on the keyboard, guitar, and percussion. If the intern has experience in music and worship, we would welcome his/her participation as a member and/or in a mentorship role. Through music, song and prayer, the purpose of the worship team is to lead all the youth into praising and glorifying God.


Friday night Impact:

From 8 to 10 pm every Friday, the program begins with 30 min of worship, followed by small group discussion/discipleship and prayer. Currently, the junior high students follow the Awana YM Trek curriculum, while the 9th through 12th grades use the Awana YM journey curriculum. Groups are based on grade and gender, and an adult co-worker leads each group (typically about 4 to 12 students per group). The intern will participate by leading a group, or by rotating through groups. The intern will also work with the youth ministry leaders to plan and implement other Friday programs such as game night, Christmas/Easter/Harvest festival programs, graduation and promotion events, picnics, stayovers, fundraising and other team-development or recreational activities.


Sunday service:

Sunday service is held from 9:30 to 11 am, staring with 30 min of worship. Sermon messages are given by church elders, members of the adult congregation and invitational speakers, which include several interns from other CCIC churches. If appropriate and suitable, the intern may be occasionally invited to share in Sunday messages.


Sunday school:

Bible study classes are held from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm. Currently there are 4 classes that are based on grade, with each class constituting about 6 to 18 students. Teachers are youth co-workers, or a member of the congregation. The intern will be expected to teach a class.


Weeknight bible study:

Currently organized and held weekly by the older youth on their own (one group each of boys and girls). While no adult leadership and supervision are presently provided, it is likely that the students would welcome an intern’s participation.


Monthly prayer meeting for the youth ministry:

Our church holds weekly Wednesday night 8 – 10 pm prayer meetings (in Chinese), but on the 3rd week of each month, the youth co-workers (about 4-7 members) gather to pray for the youth ministry (in English). The prayer meeting begins with singing and sharing for 30 min (in Chinese) in a large group, followed by small group sharing and prayer (staring at 8:30 pm). The intern’s participation is not required but would be most welcome.


Monthly youth co-worker meeting:

Held once a month either on Sunday afternoons or as a pot-luck occasionally at the home of a co-worker, we discuss all program coordination/scheduling and administrative matters relating to the youth ministry. Meetings are held in English and can last from 2 – 3 hours. The intern’s participation is expected.


Other ministry programs:

  1. YWAM Mexico Short term mission trip. For the past several years, we have participated in this week-long STM program. For 2018, we will be sending a group of ~20, including 4 youth leaders comprising of adult co-workers, or you as an intern, if suitable.
  2. Youth retreat. Held in August in conjunction with our other CCIC churches. The intern’s participation here as a youth leader and counselor in this pivotal and fun-filled spiritual getaway experience for the youth would be expected.
  3. Day-trip missions. Last year, we visited the San Francisco YWAM campus and served meals at St Anthony’s in San Francisco. The intern’s participation as a group leader in any such local mission events would be expected.

Other duties:

Although the intern’s focus is for the youth ministry, occasional involvement in other areas of the Church is possible occasionally via invitation. For example, as a guest speaker or to assist with Children’s ministry. In addition to preparation and planning for the above listed activities, the intern may be required to perform various administrative tasks, such as preparing materials (electronic or paper) for lessons, attending any necessary Church staff meetings, and developing relationships with youth, parents and co-workers through individual and group contact, e-mail, phone, and social media.


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Have a vibrant and growing relationship with Christ and a passion for ministry to youth.
  2. Leads a disciplined life of daily fellowship with God and Bible study.
  3. Embrace and practice faith in line with CCIC-TV’s doctrine, vision, values, and beliefs.
  4. Must be committed to personal growth both professionally and spiritually.
  5. Must be at least a sophomore in college, preferably a junior or older.
  6. Strong communication and management skills and excellent teamwork mentality.
  7. Good organizational and teaching skills are required, and good administration and computer/technology skills are preferred.
  8. Ability to work effectively with youth, exhibiting creativity, understanding and patience.
  9. Ability to verbally articulate personal faith and a Christian world view.
  10. Must be able to participate in the Friday and Sunday programs as outlined above
  11. Must provide own transportation to/from the church

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. An undergraduate degree from an accredited Christian school in the areas of theology, biblical studies, ministry, or equivalent.
  2. Knowledge of Chinese language, or interest with Asian-American culture, though not a necessary requirement, is helpful.


This is a paid internship position available immediately. Flexibility exists for compensation and the internship commitment hours and term. Salary compensation can be stipend or hourly based, depending on suitability. Specific job requirements and responsibilities will be discussed and determined mutually by agreement, with flexibility in considering arrangements to cater to the intern’s personal and professional goals.


Additional info and contact:

Interested candidates may inquire about the position or apply via email. Please send your resume, a career or personal objective description, and a personal faith statement to: Elder Miles Wu (