It is important to help our youth remember their baptisms and consider the implications of them. Here at CCIC-TV we take Jesus’ ordinance of baptism seriously.

By being baptized, we are claiming a new identity in Christ with the greater family of faith, with the Church as a whole.

We remember Christ’s death for us. Baptism is an opportunity for us to remember the commitment we’ve made to Christ. We have given up our old lives, our selfish desires and ambitions, and we’ve said that we will take on the life that God calls us to live. Each time we see someone get baptized, it is a reminder of this commitment.

Baptism is offered twice a year here at CCIC-TV and prior to any Baptism we ask our youth to go through a 4-week study in Baptism classes. Classes challenge our youth to understand Baptism as public recognition of the promise a person has made between him/herself and God.

When we are talking to a youth, we want to make sure they hear that. Their personal commitment to love Jesus with their whole being is a decision they’ve already made. Baptism, then, is the public act that weaves this promise into the fabric of the faith community. It brings about accountability to the baptized and the congregation.