Worship Leader

Here at CCIC-TV every week a young man or young woman steps up behind a microphone in a church service, straps on a guitar, or gets behind a keyboard in a gathering – to lead youth in worship.

Who are we to lead anyone in worship?

We are followers of Jesus who are able to sing and/or play an instrument and who have a calling from God to create musical spaces in which people can enter into a conversation with the Lord of their lives.

Our role as worship leaders does not exist alone. We work in tandem with other leaders that shape the spiritual life of our CCIC-TV Impact community, like one harmony weaving among many.

And that is the goal of worship and our worship leader, to narrate God’s Story in our community, through the musical expression assigned to us, and to create environments in which the people of God can truly engage with the ever present Spirit of God in intimate communion. A worshipping church is an empowered church, and we have a humble role to play in seeing our church be all that God created it to be.